✨Swap Tokens

Swap at the best possible prices across multiple chains in a completely decentralized manner with SmarDex, thanks to our unique Hybrid Aggregator technology.


SmarDex, as a decentralized protocol, offers users a vast selection of ERC20 tokens and allows them to trade without relying on a Centralized Exchange (CEX). All actions executed are directly reflected in your personal wallet, ensuring complete ownership of your coins – your keys, your coins!

Perform a Swap in SmarDex with 5 simple steps

1. Access Swap panel here : https://smardex.io/swap

2. Connect your web3 wallet (ex. Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, etc.)

3. Choose the chain on which you want to swap your tokens

4. Select a token you possess from your Web3 wallet. Make sure you have enough tokens to cover the transaction's gas fees

5. If required, approve the token smart contract

(For your first swap of a new token, you have first to approve the connection between your wallet and the token’s smart contract to proceed securely)

6. Finally perform a swap of your favorite tokens successfully on SmarDex

SmarDex supports a variety of vetted ERC20 tokens and reputable tokens. You can also import custom tokens by using their smart-contract address on the respective blockchain. However, please conduct thorough research and ensure you are fully aware of the safety and legitimacy of the tokens before importing and trading. Always perform your own due diligence.

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