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Introduction to the Concept

For a decentralized exchange (DEX) like SmarDex to function efficiently, it relies on the lending of tokens by its users. These tokens facilitate transactions between different participants. Liquidity providers, by fueling the with their paired tokens, are at the heart of this system. In recognition of their vital contribution, SmarDex rewards these contributors with (also called LP tokens), distributed proportionally to their contribution in the . These tokens not only entitle them to a portion of the fees generated from transactions within this but also offer additional rewards through farming.

The Importance of Liquidity

The liquidity of a is paramount for ensuring seamless trades, contributing to the smooth operation of the platform, which is crucial for an optimal user experience and market efficiency. To stimulate this essential liquidity, SmarDex launches Farming Campaigns to reward liquidity providers. They simply need to stake their in the corresponding farming pool to receive attractive rewards.

The Farming Process Explained

Imagine that you invest $3,000 in the ETH-WBTC on SmarDex, which has a total liquidity of $100,000. Your contribution thus represents 3% of the total liquidity of this , and you accordingly receive 3% of the corresponding LP tokens. To benefit from the rewards of the Farming Campaign, you need to go to the "Farming" section on SmarDex.io and stake your in the corresponding farming pool. By doing this, you activate your right to collect the yields promised by the active farming campaign.

How to use SmarDex protocol Farms

1. Navigate Farming Tab

2. Connect your web3 wallet (ex. Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, etc.)

3. Make sure you're on the chain you want to use

4. Select the Farm associated with the token pair you've added to the Volatility Vault

5. Start to stake your LP token

6. Approve the LP token smart contract to interact with your wallet

7. Confirm the farming of your LP tokens

You can then easily harvest your rewards, unstake, or stake more LP tokens as desired

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